For a Dog’s Way Home, Bonnie acted as the Canadian Coordinator and provided Bella as a young puppy, Bella’s mom and littermates puppies, momma cat and a variety of other cats and  kittens for the early scenes of Bella being raised under the abandoned house. Cats were trained to do A to B’s and retrieve and carry stuffies from A to B. Later in movie Bonnie provided and trained the coyotes that threaten adult Bella on her journey home.  Bonnie also provided several coyotes for multiple scenes where the coyotes chase and corner Bella.

Canadian Animal Coordinator & Head Trainer & Exotic Animal Trainer for Film

  • Met with the production team and American Animal Coordinator to determine the animals and actions required
  • Developed a budget for the puppies, cats, kittens, coyotes, cockatoo and thier trainers and support staff and equipment
  • Sourced various animals including finding puppies to match the lead dog
  • Coordinated the training schedule for the dogs, cats, kittens, cockatoo & coyote provided by Canine Costars and thier trainers so that the behaviours needed would ready for set on the day required
  • Collaborated with American Animal Trainers to plan and film scenes involving both thier animals and ours
  • Worked with the Director, Producer and DOP to plan out complex shots and was on set to oversee each shot
  • Liaised with representatives of the American Humane Association (Film Unit) to ensure that all animals applicable regulars were met.
  • Arranged for all heath inspections and certification for insurance purposes



What Producer, Gavin Ponlone had to say about Bonnie:

 To anyone thinking of working with Bonnie Judd:

I have done two films with Bonnie and she is, in short, the best animal trainer in the world. Truly, she is a magician and has been able to render behaviours in her animal actors that I did not think were possible. 

Bonnie is also a person of the highest integrity. I know that I can always trust her to deliver on what she promised and that she’ll neer puer her animals or anyone on the production in an uncomfrotable or dangerous position. 

Bonnie Judd is the first and only choice for if I’m making a movie or television that the requires live animals on set. 


Gavin Polone