We were honoured to be chosen to continue the Journey started in “A Dog’s Purpose”. In this heart-warming. film we connect with the wonderful Bailey again as well as meet his many new incarnations, Molly, Big Dog and the irrepressible Max. We found some wonderful dogs to continue the role of Bailey. Odin was the face (or Lead Dog), and Stanley and Echo for the more active bits. For the character of Molly and Rocky Beaglier siblings Lemmy, Dyna, Cora, Lola & luke were chosen. We considered a lot of really big dogs for Big Dog but in the Phil the English Mastiff got the nod. for the character of Max the studio decided to go in the opposite direction and choose a really, small dog. Lead dog Belle weighs just over 4 lbs! Because little dogs have their own set of special needs we made sure to have a lot of double dogs( LInkin, Bambam & Brie) to make sure that Belle got all the breaks she needed. In addition to the main animal characters , Canine CoStars provided over 40 additional background dogs.

It was wonderful working with a production and producers and directors so committed to the welfare of the dogs. Not only were AHA (American Humane Film Unit) on hand we also had a representative from the APA Animal Protection Agency on hand as well as a vet on set for the duration of filming.

Animal Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Met with the production team to establish animal requirements
  • Developed the budget for the animal department which included the 4 lead dogs, their doubles, horse, donkey, cows, chickens and over 50 extra and background dogs and their trainers, wranglers, groomers and various support staff, The bid included dealing with the challenge of training and filming in multiple provinces.
  • Organized and held multiple large casting calls for lead dogs and doubles and sourced dogs all over North America for both new parts and matches for existing characters from the first movie
  • Started the training on all Lead Dogs and then determined the best trainer for each dog and arranged their employment
  • Coordinated the training schedule for all animals and trainers so that the behaviours needed would ready for set on the day required
  • Arranged for colorist and grooming and oversaw colouring process to make sure all double dogs were perfectly matched to the lead dogs
  • Worked with the Director, Producer, and DOP to plan out complex shots and was on set to oversee each shot
  • Liaised with representatives of the American Humane Association (Film Unit) and Animal Protection Agency to ensure that all animals applicable regulars were met. This included having my compound inspected and approved by APA
  • Arranged for all heath inspections and certification for insurance purposes
  • Made multiple public appearances both locally and internally to promote the film


Production Companies:


What Producer, Gavin Ponlone had to say about Bonnie:

 To anyone thinking of working with Bonnie Judd:

I have done two films with Bonnie and she is, in short, the best animal trainer in the world. Truly, she is a magician and has been able to render behaviours in her animal actors that I did not think were possible. 

Bonnie is also a person of the highest integrity. I know that I can always trust her to deliver on what she promised and that she’ll neer puer her animals or anyone on the production in an uncomfrotable or dangerous position. 

Bonnie Judd is the first and only choice for if I’m making a movie or television that the requires live animals on set. 


Gavin Polone