master-of-horrors-black-catThis episode of Master of the Horrors was based on Edgar Allen Poe’s short story in which a drunken man kills his cat and it comes back to haunt him.

Canine Costars provided 7 black cats for this episode, weone with a  missing eye. Diverse action was required including lots of A to B’s, sit and downs stays and a lot of work where the cat was handled. One cat was trained for the multiple attack sequences and learned to hiss, snarl and swat. Our one-eyed cat was trained for a gag involving a grape for the scene where Poe pops the eye out with a knife. (No animals were harmed in making this spot).

Production Company:  IDT EntertainmentIndustry EntertainmentNice Guy Productions
Executive Producers: Mick Garris
Production Manager: Margo Coughlin Zimmerman
Directors: Stuart GordonStuart Ortiz

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Director: Stuart Gordon has this to say about Bonnie as a trainer and the performance of the black cats.

master-of-horrors-black-cat-reference-letterI had the pleasure and privilege to work with Ms. Bonnie Judd on the THE BLACK CAT an hour-long episode, which I redirect for the Showtime Series MASTERS OF HORROR.

I have worked with other animal trainers during my twenty-some years int he business, but I have never seen such amazing results. THE BLACK CAT is based on a story by Edgar Allan Poe and as the title implies. the cat is the central character in the tale is on screen of large portions of the story.

Bonnie made this possible using seven black cats, each trainer to perform different specific actions. We worked together closely during the production and she was able to explain in detail how each of the shots would be accomplished. She was invaluable in the planning of the shoot and extremely professional in her approach. And she never promised something that she was unable to deliver.

As anyone familiar with cats knows these are very independent creatures and almost impossible to train. But Bonnie’s cats performed small miracles every day. Her gentle approach and patience provided animals capable of accomplishing everything that the script demanded. The crew and I watched with our mouths open in amazement.

It would be my pleasure to work with Bonnie again at the earliest opportunity. And I would be happy to discuss this in greater detail and answer any questions you may have.
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