Animal Coordinator

Animal Coordination is the process of breaking down the animal action for a given job, casting the animals, choosing the right trainers and overseeing the training both during prep and on set.

Animal Training

Animal training is the process of training an animal to perform an action in response to a signal. Even very natural or subtle behaviours can be trained so that the action can be captured very quickly on film and repeated as needed (within reason). for example, when you see a cat rub up against a bag of cat food on a cat food commercial – the cat was trained to perform that specific action.

Animal Wrangling

Animal Wrangling is a specific union postion. It typically means someone assigned to oversee animals in a pen or cage or horses being ridden. Wranglers typically do not train the animal to do anything special. Ie a wrangler will ride a horse but a trainer will teach it to paw the ground or rear on command.

More than Dogs!

With a business name like Canine CoStars we probably shouldn’t be surprised that people think we only provide dogs. We do get a lot of calls for dogs but did you know that we  also own and train a variety of exotic animals.

Past exotics we have arranged for clients include: reindeer, elephant, camel, foxes, monkeys, otters, snakes, spiders, Russian wild boar, lemur, squirrels, bats, groundhogs, hawks, owls, pigeons, llamas, alpacas, Opossums,wolves, skunks, raccoons, serval cat, yak, frogs, toad, turtles, tortoises and many more. We can also arrange for a variety of domestic species: cattle, horses, sheep, goats, cats, rabbits, mice, rats, bunnies, ducks, geese and more.

Film Animal Training / Wrangling with Bonnie Judd
Bonnie with several of her Movie Dogs (Ruckus, Cabela, Fancy and Emilie

Why Choose Bonnie & Canine CoStars of Canada Ltd?

Bonnie’s success as animal trainer for film comes from several key components:

Bonnie understands that in film, time is money, and she comes prepared to get the shot.  She can visualize what the director wants to achieve and then set up the animal portion of the shot so that the ideal outcome is captured on film.

She has an almost empathic understanding of how animals think. She has a strong knowledge of both the science of animal behaviour, the natural and inherited impulses that cause an animal to choose one action over another.  She excels in using that knowledge and positively-motivated-training methods to first select a suitable animal for a given project and then develop that animal to both reliably perform the actions required and also to prepare the animal for the noise and movement of a busy set.

Bonnie knows that the secret to finding good animals is being tuned into the animal community and her list of contacts for dogs and other animals is second to none.  If you need it she can find it. To develop up and coming dogs she offers training classes from her facility in the Fraser Valley and has seen many student’s dogs go on to star in commercials and television series.

Her commitment to seeing that directors get the shot they want while still coming in on budget AND making absolutely sure of the animals well-being and happiness at all times has made her a favorite not only of producers, directors and production managers but also of the animal owners who entrust their animal to Bonnie’s care during the duration of the project.