A big congratulations to Bonnie and her canine CoStar Belle who cleaned up at the CW’s Dog Honors last Wednesday.

Belle & Bonnie won “Best Dog in Film” against tough competition,  for Max’s character in “A Dogs Journey”.  In addition to the main award they also accepted “Best Actor Playing a Dog” for Josh Gad who was Max’s voice in “A Dogs Journey”.

Bonnie was involved in no less than three of the films that were nominated for Best Dog in Film. Bonnie was the main animal coordinator for a Dog’s Journey, she cast all the dogs, oversaw all of the dogs training and personally trained lead dog belle. For the film  A Dog’s Way Home, Bonnie was the Canadian Coordinator and provided and trained all the extra animals including the puppies, kittens and cats from the crawlspace scenes as well as the coyotes who menace Belle on her way Home. For Racing in the Rain, Bonnie provided the Golden Retriever puppies including Baby Enzo!

In December, the CW flew Bonnie and Belle down to Los Angeles to take part in the Dog Party / Awards show. hey got to hang out at the Ritzy dog-centric party at the famous “New York Street” at CBS Radford Studios.  She got to try some fabulous doggy treats and have her caricature done.

Dog Trainer, Bonnie Judd with Canine Costar Belle at the CW Dog Honors

Some Pics from The Awards Show