We were asked by Vision Entertainment to cast and train young sheep to perform a number of technical actions so that special effects could be added. We worked closely with 3D supervisor, Jeff Lopez (The Mill New York), to make sure that we were training the sheep to perform the various actions in a way that would make the addition of “speech” cost effective.

After considering many sheep and lambs, Katie & Nibs were chosen because of their friendly social nature (and resemblance to each other).

The sheep were trained on the following actions:

  • walk with a halter and lead
  • go to a mark
  • go to an upseat
  • stand and stay
  • look right, left and forward
  • push, pick up and eat an english muffin
  • dial a cell phone
  • tap at a computer keyboard

Once the training was complete we worked to bath and blow dry Katie and Nibs to snowy whiteness for their day on set.